Friday, September 26, 2008

12w5d or How is the Baby Going to Come Out?

Dinner time is usually when we all catch up on the days events. Well Partner and I try to talk and PC talks over us. Well, as everyone knows, meal talk usually ends up in some conversation of bathroom talk or some such thing like that.

PC, interrupting as usual, asks.."Are you going to have a big rip in your belly?".. I look at her and say, "No honey, why would I have a big rip in my belly?". She looks at me and says "Well, How is the baby going get out of your belly?"

"Yeah, " says Partner, "how is the baby getting out of your belly?" Laughing to herself.

Good question, scrambling to think of what a 4 1/2 year can handle and what I should tell her. She is well aware of the V down there and somehow telling her that is where the hole is isn't giving me the happy feeling.

So I say in an informative voice, "Well, there is a canal and the baby goes down the canal and comes out a hole at the other side." Holding my breath for the next question.

PC looks at me for a second and then says, "Do you know that Johnny Appleseed's birthday is tomorrow!?"

WHEW... got through that one. Be sure to know that I will be blogging this question again! Without a doubt this is not over LOL!!

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