Tuesday, September 23, 2008

12w3d or Am I rounder?

As I got dressed this morning I look down to my belly. Now... I have some extra padding down there already and up to now I have not looked at all like someone that has a baby in their belly. But for some reason... I saw something protruding more than usual.

So we are all in the kitchen getting ready to move it on out and I make a comment to my partner, "Do I look rounder to you?" I give her a side view, front view and any other view to convince her. She is like, "I don't know, not really?"

So dear Present Child (PC) says... in a matter of fact voice... "That is because the baby is growing", as she rubs my belly. We have had many "the baby is as tall as your finger" talks. I said... "No, not yet honey, the baby wouldn't be that big yet!!" We all move on and get the rest of our stuff together and get ready to leave

Partner is ready to head out and as PC and I head to the door she said to me "Mum, you are looking rounder today"

And partner just looked at me and said... "You started it!"

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